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Artemus Transportation Solutions

Providing state of the art transportation solutions.

ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions provides web-based Software Solutions for Trade complete shipment management, trade compliance and electronic trade partner communication for organizations that work within the international transportation and trade business. Complementing our software products, ATS provides online and classroom training, support services and knowledge covering the areas of Shipping Basics, Hazardous Materials Handling, and Import and Export Documentation and Trade.

ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions commits to our clients to provide them the tools, knowledge and support so that they can grow their business and look to ATS as a strategic partner in their growth plans. As a strategic partner for our clients, ATS will provide responsive, reliable and supportive customer service who knows the transportation industry as well as our clients.

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What Artemus does

ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions was founded on the vision of providing state of the art transportation solutions at an affordable price so that our clients can complete at a high level within the shipping and transportation industry.

Web Software Apps
Compliance Software Applications

Web Based Trade Compliance Software Applications The ARTEMUS TS Trade Compliance products are developed, maintained and supported by maritime industry and maritime experienced – IT professionals. With ARTEMUS, our clients get reliable, easy to use web-based software products along with

Customs Broker Services
U.S. Customs Broker Services

ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions provides U.S. customs broker services to our clients at all U.S. ports of discharge. In addition to filing your AMS and/or ISF information to U.S. Customs, ARTEMUS can prepare your customs entry form 3461 and your entry

Training and Courses

International Transportation and Trade Industry Training and Courses “Training and the acquisition of knowledge is a basic element of a successful lifetime of learning and continuous improvement. Without additional knowledge and constant learning, an organization and its individuals hit a



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